Shit Happens when Travelling! The must read guide to be able to avoid many widespread issues when travelling

I've worked for quite long with the airline and travel and tourism industry, it feels like a logical step to write about travel. I have possibly been to each and every country on earth and have witnessed countless tourists going crazy!

Simple and easy things which they could have done to avert being unhappy. From young couples with five large bags (possibly took all of their apartment :)) to men and women (hauling eating utensils!!), I have seen countless travelling nightmares. The young couple's post travel probably led to break up due to the headaches they would have faced at every overseas airport!!

Taking care of simple stuff will make your travel a really relaxing experience. The 1st fundamental rule you have to tattoo in your heads - "Travel Light". That does not necessarily mean you vacation minus the essentials. This would mean bring just items that you think you are going to really need on the trip.

In place of Ten pair of shoes, take only two. Understand what I mean! You are the one who will have to haul it around, open up your luggage at every airport terminal for security checks, go through the insult of the air port security smirking in your face and in all likelihood making comments to need to dig into your stuff. Re-packing everything at the security counter can be quite a major problem when you've got your own flight within the next 30 minutes.

Nobody looks forward to rummaging through your soiled undies. The least of all you, shameful getting your lace underwear being pulled out for review in complete view of numerous other passengers.

However many times I stress on it, it won't be enough : "Travel Light". You need to go by this golden rule. It is a must. The lighter you holiday, the more fulfilling your vacation is going to be. You are going to of course spend less just about everywhere too. You'll not need to pay any thing for additional luggage. You can pick-up or lug your baggage, will not have to tip the bell boy or pay anything for your baggage on the shuttle bus or even train. Get where I'm going!

I recognize most people only take a trip for vacation in all probability annually, but trust me life gets easy and simple should you : "Travel light". This golden rule has been my mantra since I was Fourteen, when my dad took us on my first foreign trip to India. But more on that in my next post!

Till then, look at ways to cut down things in your baggage, don't take in excess of 2 sets of shoes, chuck anything in footwear or clothes which weighs more than 200 grams each set or 7-8 ounces. Well, I heard that - every one of your footwear is out then are they not? You will need a set of light weight walking shoes and a pair of immaculate dress shoes. The majority of people vacation for 7-10 nights in another country. 2 sets are more than enough.

If you're planning trekking, I'll allow you an additional Two hundred grams!

Cheers until the next one!

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